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I'm longing to be lost in you...

Wont you take me away from me?

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3 July 1986
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Im a mother of two beautiful children. I live with my husband, daughter and son.
I'm eclectic and love all kinds of things.
I cannot be placed into a genre or "clique" so please do not try.
I write stories, poetry and songs.
I sing and am learning to play bass guitar.

I hope to one day have a wonderful career that I'm truly happy with, and be able to give my daughter everything she needs.

Disposable girl
gouge your eyes out
so you wont see her
not looking your way
Disposable girl
with the tear away heart
take pieces with you
when you brake her apart

Your so disposable little girl
a paper doll of your own regard
the broken baby they'll throw away
a toy in my collection box

You've been torn beyond repair
but I can fix your wounds
though your lifeless from this game
I still admire you

- Lyrics excerpt from Disposable girl
written by Lisa Treece, performed by Defying Scarlet

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